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One Course Source Announces New Online Classes


Have you been wanting to learn Linux or programming, but couldn’t afford the high cost of the classes?  Typical costs for these classes can be from $3,000-$3,500 for one week of training, making the cost to attend these classes too high for most individuals and companies.

In addition, availability is an issue as classes are typically not always held in your area.  This often results in you having to wait for a class to be held in your area or you having to pay additional travel costs.  It isn’t unusual to pay up to $2,500 in travel costs just to get to the city where your class is being held!  Imagine having to pay a total of $7,000 just to attend a Linux or programming class.

One Course Source has just announced a solution with a special offer of $1,425  for their week-long Linux classes.  The standard cost of their classes was already a low $1,900.  With this new price, the training is even more affordable.  You can now take three or four One Course Source classes for the cost of just one class with another training vendor!  You can sign up here:

OCS classes include important features not found in other vendor’s classes, including:

  • Small Class – OCS class sizes are limited to 15 students, providing you with more personal interaction with the instructor.
  • Recorded lecture – OCS class lecture are recorded and participants have access to the recorded lecture for up to 45 days after class ends.
  • First Day Free guarantee – If after the first day of class you are not satisfied, notify your instructor and receive a full refund
  • 100% Guaranteed to Run Classes – Sign up for an OCS online class and be assured that it will run. Classes are not canceled due to low enrollment.
  • Choose your device – Take classes on the device of your choice: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ipad, iphone, etc.
  • Virtual Machine – Don’t want to reinstall your own system? Your OCS class comes with a free VM (Virtual Machine).
  • End of Class project – When class is over, your learning does not end. Take advantage of OCS’s unique End of Class projects to help you affirm your new found knowledge.
  • Digital Course materials – Course content is provided in searchable PDF format (except when third-party courseware is required).
  • Courseware updates – If the courseware used in your OCS online class changes within 1 calendar year, you are provided with a new digital copy of the course materials, free of charge (exception: third-party courseware).
  • Price – OCS instructor-led online classes are the most affordable in the industry.

For a complete list of all OCS online course features, visit

Choose from a variety of class levels, from beginner to advance.  All classes are conducted by a highly qualified One Course Source instructor.  Their instructors have many years of training experience as well as a great deal of hands on experience.

One Course Source’s Linux classes are also designed to help individuals become certified.  Students learn the topics they need to know in order to pass Linux certification exams as well as developing skills necessary to utilize Linux in the IT industry.

To meet the new demand for web-based training, One Course Source has just announced new, online training!  These online classes can be taken from your home or office, anywhere in the world.  The classes are instructor-led, just like the classroom-based classes.  Students world-wide can now take these classes and learn Linux or programming without having to travel or incur the additional expense of travel.

There is a limited time for these discounted rates from One Course Source.  Each of these online classes are greatly discounted by 25% when using the promotional code of SP3MA66W from now until March 31, 2013..  Additionally, only five students per class can sign up using this discounted rate.  This means that the sooner you sign up for a class, the better the chance is that you will get this discounted rate.  To sign up for these classes, go to




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