They are not kidding with their motto, they literally do bring the races to you! Races2U has locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Michigan, New York and New Jersey that rent and sell miniature race tracks and slot cars. These race tracks are the perfect attraction for events such as fundraisers, parties or corporate events.

Digital slot car racing is a fun activity for people of all ages that brings you the fun of the races without having to leave your home or buy expensive tickets. Races2U rents their tracks by the hour and can either take the tracks to your home or you can take your party to their location in Austin, where they have a wide variety of cars and tracks available to race.

Races2U has an enormous selection of race cars to choose from so you can race in your dream car; like Formula 1, NASCAR and muscle cars. Their tracks are also miniature replicas of the Circuit of the Americas tracks, so you get a great experience with a feel of a professional race track. You can race up to six cars at the same time and surpass your competitors using lane changing digital technology.


What makes this business so great is that they aim to make every event special. They go out of their way to make your experience fun and unforgettable; and even have a cool feature for birthday parties where they engrave the name of the birthday boy or girl on a trophy.

If you can’t get enough of the races, you can find most digital slot cars on their website, www.races2u.com and purchase your own tracks and miniature race cars. Who says you can’t own a Ferrari? These guys have Ferraris, Lotus, Mercedes, MacLaren and even RedBull cars available on their website for sale.

You just can’t go wrong renting a race track for any event. For more details call Races2U on (512) 761-RACE and tell them you heard about them at F1 Deals !


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